Community Services

Heartsease Community Project


HCP is a means by which local Churches work together in Community Action on the Heartsease Estate. We are a registered charity in which Baptist, Methodist & C of E are members of the Association and represented on the management committee though any church in the area could apply to become a member. In addition we have a Roman Catholic observer and a co-opted member representing Age UK Norwich reflecting our new partnership with this well respected National and Norwich based charity. The services offered at present are:-

  1. A weekly Luncheon Club on a Tuesday where a freshly cooked two course meal are served to around 40 diners.
  2. A twice weekly drop-in Coffee Bar, 10am-12noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Drinks are available for sale and often friends bring snacks to share.
  3. In conjunction with the Luncheon Club the project organises Adult Education activities, both regular monthly pre-lunch activities to the occasional events organised by Age UK Norwich.
  4. The Community Workers Lunch meets thrice a year and is an opportunity for those who work in the community both from the voluntary and statutory Sector to meet together, get to know one another and share information, events and concerns about what is going on in the local community.
  5. The Listening Service offers, by appointment, sessions with a trained listener. This is a bridge between sharing your troubles with a friend and seeing a qualified counsellor. In the future this will work closely with the new Parish Nurse Service being developed by St. Francis Church.

For further information about any of these services or to book a lunch or request an appointment please ring 01603 431259 where a 24 answer service will record your request and someone will get back to you


Parish Nursing Project


Parish Nursing Ministries UK is a national charity and works within the guidelines of The Nursing and Midwifery Council. It focuses on the spiritual needs of patients and integrates them with physical emotional and social needs. It is delivered from the Church but is available to people whatever their belief (or none).

The Church has a long established healing ministry, which connects our Church with our community, especially in these times of NHS cutbacks. Parish Nursing is based on a Christian understanding of health, healing and wholeness.

Our parish nurse is Angela Stewart. She will not be doing any invasive procedures such as giving injections and changing dressings as this is the work of a District Nurse.  Her hope is to complement their work by caring for people’s spiritual health. This includes listening, praying and helping to co-ordinate care from other agencies.

She is well supported by a team of great volunteers.

Her aim is that prevention of disease is furthered and people stay healthier.

Parish Nurse Surgery is on Wednesdays at St. Francis’ Church by appointment. Please telephone on 01603 300916 or e-mail   Home visits can be arranged.